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  • THE ADVENTURE IS HERE AND NOW - CreActive Adventure

  • A PART OF BODEN FORTRESS - Rödbergsfortet

  • THE WILDEST TOWN OF ALL - Western Farm

  • REGIONAL ART GALLERY - Havremagasinet

Car Bingo in August

Why not try your luck in the car bingo during the summer? Take the car to Heden or Skogså!

Skriven 30/07 kl. 11:09 | Events

Retro Rally Aug 1

A rally for historic vehicles. This is not a speed race, but an exhibition at the start and finish as well as a loop of 80 km.

Skriven 26/07 kl. 12:38 | Events

Exhibitions - Havremagasinet June 6-Sep 29

Now Havremagasinet has opened up the doors again with, among others, the African contemporary exhibition "Entry Prohibited To Foreigners". Welcome!

Skriven 07/06 kl. 15:08 | Activities

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