Large flea market with auction

August 2 it is time for the big flea market in Svartbjörnsbyn.

Skriven 28/07 kl. 15:43 | Events

Pussy Riot and the Cossacks Jun 28-Sep 28

This summer’s exhibition at Havremagasinet shows Russian protest art, ranging from the 70′s “Sots Art” to today’s Pussy Riot.

Skriven 18/07 kl. 10:28 | Activities

BFHP - Bodens Fortress Secret Places

All Wednesdays in July at. 14:00 you can join this exciting guided bus tour to the Northern front with everything from fortess to balloon hall!

Skriven 27/06 kl. 12:33 | Activities, Premiere

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